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How To Plant Arabica Coffee For Beginners?

Type of Arabica coffee is the best coffee in the world. This type of coffee is able to beat the coffee of its competitors, namely Robusta coffee type. The price of Arabica coffee in the market is also quite expensive if we compare with other types of coffee. Type of Arabica coffee is a species of world coffee species found for the first time and still popular until this day, it still remains sustainable even the increasingly sharp demand for the market year. By looking at this incident, the coffee farmers who used to plant local coffee, many are switching to cultivate the type of Arabica coffee.

Terms Of Growing Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee is able to live thrives in the plains area that has a height of between 750-1500 meters below sea level. And the best temperature to grow Arabica coffee ranges between 15 -21 Cc and very suitable if we are cultivated in Indonesia area especially in an area which has moderate rainfall. In addition, if we Arabica coffee planting in an area less than 800 mdpl, it is necessary to do as well as all-extra. The maintenance is to keepthe coffee plant and keep the body capable of producing fruit that is quite abundant.

Arabica coffee requires special handling and care since it starts from planting until the coffee crop has been able to bear fruit perfectly. This is because Arabica coffee is very susceptible to attacks of various types of diseases and if the weather is less supportive, it will fade faster and not a few who experience death. For those of you who are interested to grow and grow Arabica coffee that has many fans and also has a high selling point then you need to pay attention to the basic tricks first, or you can find more info by visiting

Natural Hair Treatments Tips

Do you love your hair so much? So, you buy the best shampoo and conditioner to always treat your hair every day. However, you should know that hair treatment is not shampooed your hair every single day. If you really love your hair; you better read the tips to do natural hair treatment here. I promise you; you will get your best hair after your good treatment for weeks.

Tips to Do Natural Hair Treatments

Actually, there are many kinds of hair in this world. However, I will just give you the simple tips to do natural hair treatments for healthy hair. Well, the natural hair treatment may help some problems with hair too such as hair fall or dandruff. So, let us see the tips as follow:

  1. At first, you should not shampoo your hair every day. It is not good for your hair. It will make your hair become dry and easy to fall. It is better to let your hair has the natural humidity for a day. So, you better wash your hair twice a week or three times a week only.
  2. You may do a natural mask for your hair made of aloe Vera gel. It is better if you have real aloe Vera plant in your private garden. You may get the gel of it and rub it on your scalp and hair. Apply it all over your hair and wait for a while.
  3. You may do the natural mask above twice or once a week.
  4. Use vitamins for hair. You may use the natural olive oil for your hair. Then, you should wash it afterward.

Actually, there is more natural hair treatment based on your needs. You will need special hair treatment if you have a problem such as lice or other big problem that will need extra treatment. So, that is it. Do you treat your hair today?

Find Your Great Classy SUV In Audi Q5

Do you have any interest to buy 2018 Audi Q5? Of course, many people have a dream to have a good car like 2018 Audi Q5. This car belongs to one of the best luxury cars and even becomes one of the best top rated SUV. Even though this is a luxury car, you still have to know many things related with this car deeply, before you decide to choose this car as one of your collection, you can learn several facts related with the car that will make you amaze and really want to buy this car. What are those facts? Find out your answer in the following paragraphs.

Facts About 2018 Audi Q5

As one of the top rated SUV of the luxury SUV category, of course, Audi Q5 has many great facts that will really make you get the good impression on this car. Here are some facts about this Audi Q5.

  • Great Appearance

As one of the best manufacturers in the automotive world, Audi always becomes the mother of many luxury cars. As the manufacturers of luxury cars, of course, the appearance of each car from Audi will always impress people. The appearance of the car is very classy and cool. You will never regret the appearance of any car from Audi include 2018 Audi Q5.

  • Great Performance

As this car has a good score from many sites, it shows that many people have a trust and good impression to this car. Of course, it becomes the other great fact that makes you should choose this car as one of your luxury cars collection.

  • The Top 1

This car is also ranked first on luxury SUV list. It means that you do not need to worry about too much thing when you want to buy this car.

To know more about the features and also the specifications of this car, you can visit and get your knowledge there.

The Information Of Big Trucks And Games

Big trucks become the favorite car of many people around the world. The form and appearances of trucks from one country to others also different. If you love to see American or European trucks; you should know the website page I will tell you later. At first, we should talk about the trucks and the games you can play! The games are fun and much recommended for all ages.

Big Trucks Info And Games You Can Play!

A big truck is very exotic and amazing. They look great and also more like the king of roads. Have you ever feel fearful or eerie while you see them on the road with your car? Ok, maybe some people will imagine them as a monster; especially the big truck with so many loads on it. However, if that what makes you love big trucks; let me give you suggestions of games that will amuse you. There are about three games for all ages about trucks.

The games are Euro Truck Simulator 2, SPINTIRES and 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul. Those are three games with different background and productions. If you love to play and drive the trucks on the hard roads or off roads; you may try the SPINTIRES. Then, if you want to play the fun games with many challenges as the normal truck’s driver, you may try the Euro Truck Simulator. Then, the last game will be perfect for you who want to try the trucking business and the first driver of your business.

You will love those games. What do you think? If you need more games information or even the other games related to the big truck; you should click big trucks. It is the link where you will find info about trucks and the games download. There is much useful information there. Thus, that is all.

Try POF Search Login

Online dating becomes a thing right now. If we go back to years ago when POF search login was not popular, this website and other same websites are often viewed as a desperate and pitiful way to find a dating partner. But right now, thanks to advanced technology, dating online is not taboo anymore.

Get Benefits From POF Search Login

There are still some people who consider POF search login as something desperate. But if you read the benefits below, maybe you will consider this dating website.

  1. Find a match quickly

You can find a match quickly after you just created a profile! Because all you have to do is just input your basic personal information such as name, age, gender, e-mail address, location, interest, and preference. After that, you need to do an online test that helps you to find the match partner. The result will be used to narrow the people down who have the same preference and interest as you.


  1. Affordable

The next benefit is that dating website is very affordable. If we compared with people who looking for dating partner in club or bar, you will likely pay less if you just join this dating website. At the bar or club, you have to pay an entry fee, your drink, and someone else’s drink. This just will make you go bankrupt if you do it often. Most dating websites are free. If they have a membership, the cost is still cheaper than a face-to-face relationship.


  1. Many people do it

If you worry that your family and friends will make fun of you since you join a dating website, there is no need to feel that way. According to the research, there are almost 50 million people in the United States that use online dating.

By reading three benefits from POF search login, would you like to try it?

Best Conditions To Breed Dogs

Do you know that breeding the dogs need considerations in different condition? So, here is the info on dog breeds a-z for you. If you need to breed your dog, you better know the conditions and tips first. It is because the decision to breed pet is not as easy as breeding the chicken for consumptions. So, you may find the tips regarding the dog breeds in the next writing.

Considerations And Conditions In Breeding The Dogs

Dogs are mostly used by people as pet and guard. Police also use the dog to help them find the criminals. So, what is your purpose to breed the dog? Here are the tips or conditions for breeding dogs:

  1. You should know your reason to breed the dog first. It should be a wise reason to breed the dog. It is better not because of the money or selling the puppies.
  2. You better consult the health of the mom to be in the vet to know there are no dangerous diseases that can be transferred into the puppies in the future.
  3. The vet here also will help you to know the pros and cons breeding the dog and give you the good options of breeding the mate.
  4. You should ask about dog breeds a-z to the vet to know the detail of the breeds and how to make the breeds run well and safe until the mom deliver the puppies safely.

So, that is it. You know it is not easy to breed dog. You should know the condition of the dog and how to breed process can run well afterward. Then, you will get the high quality of breeds or puppies in the end. Well, for more info, you may click dog breeds a-z now. If you love any pets; the website page will give you the complete information about other pets too. That is all.

Pick N Send Best Services List

For most online shop and businesses; choosing the right and trusted expedition or shipping service is not easy. They will know about the quality of the expedition or the shipping service after trying it for several times. Then, what about pick n send? Do you know about this expedition? I do not know, I will tell you several services of this expedition and why you need to choose this expedition rather than other expedition.

Good Reasons Why You Should Choose Pick N Send Shipping Service

You will see how the shipping is very important for your business after you run your business long enough. So, here I will tell you about one of the best expeditions for you. Do you want to know the reasons why you should choose Pick N Send? How about the services? See them as follow:

  1. It is not a big matter if you have a small business like the starter of the online shop. It is because the expedition will serve all the area of businesses and ordinary people in shipping a big or small quantity of goods.
  2. You will see the optimum works in services of shipping, packing, 3PL and courier. You will feel satisfied with their basic services.
  3. Then, there is also expertise that will help you to manage the time of shipping, picking up the goods, collecting the goods and other things related to the expedition services.
  4. You will be allowed to ship forbidden goods.

Well, maybe not all the expedition will be that brave to ship forbidden goods. However, you may trust this expedition to do it. You should check whether this service really exists in the shipping service or not. Thus, you may find out about that in here: In the website page, maybe you will find more information about this expedition. Thus, that is all.

You are What You Eat

The food that we eat every meal can affect our health. To make your health better, you need to change what you eat. This can be done by choosing to eat more protein, especially lean protein. It is an important nutrient that should be eaten in your meal. Lean protein can provide the nutrition that your body needs. When you eat lean protein, your body can function well.  So, you need to choose healthy lean protein sources at every meal. This will help your body gets its needs every day. Most of your sources should be lean protein.

Changing What You Eat

Lean protein has less fat and higher amounts of nutrition. This protein will help you to have a healthy body and weight. You can choose protein such as lean beef, eggs, pork, seafood (especially sardine, salmon, and tuna), legumes, yogurt, and low-fat dairy products. Besides those foods, you need to eat fruit and veggies for nine servings daily. These foods are low in calories and high in fiber as well as protein. Fruits and veggies are rich in other nutrients too. Eating a decent amount of fruits and veggies will help you to fulfill the standard amount of nutrient goals every single day.

For your information, a small piece of fruits is one serving of fruits. As for veggies, one or two cups of veggies is like one serving of veggies. Since you need to eat nine serving fruits and veggies, you need to put them for a half portion of your plate. This amount is needed to help your body meet the standard amount. You can choose many fruits and veggies that have dark colors. Those foods have more benefits than fruits and veggies with paler color. You can choose an orange over lime or you can choose kale over iceberg lettuce.

Small Yet Gorgeous Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is the important part of the home. You should not forget the best theme for the cozier bathroom. So, here I will share contemporary bathroom designs for small spaces for you. If you have a plan of big bedroom but not really big bathroom; you should not worry to not get the gorgeous bathroom. Here, I will give the tips to make it gorgeous with contemporary design. Check it out.

The Gorgeous Contemporary Design For Small Bathroom: Ideas And Tips

The bathroom can be gorgeous too even with simple design and color. What is the most important thing from the bathroom? It should be clean and bright. So, here are the tips for you regarding contemporary style in a small bathroom:

  1. The first thing you should choose is color. Contemporary related to modern artistic and simple look. You can apply the monochrome colors to your bathrooms such as white or cream and brown or other simple and soft color.
  2. The bright color such as white and cream will make the bathroom looks clean and bright. The bright color will make the small space looks wider.
  3. Contemporary bathroom designs for small spaces will be really gorgeous if you add more artistic ornament on the wall or on the curtain and glass door.
  4. The glass door to the bathroom will bring the gorgeous and elegant look together. You should make the glass door designed with contemporary arts but still simple.
  5. Bring simple shower and bathtub into it.

Your contemporary bathroom will look so amazing and gorgeous. What do you think? You should click contemporary bathroom designs for small spaces now to see the examples of the gorgeous bathroom and other design of home and floor. Therefore, you will be able to see your references of the bathroom. So, that is it and hope you like it.

Preventing Influenza Is Very Annoying

Anyone wants to live healthily and do not want to get sick including influenza. Influenza occurs due to cold weather factors and also because of the dirty home environment. You will not want to have dizziness, runny nose, stuffy nose, and other flu symptoms, right? Then you need to avoid activities that caused you to get flu. Many things that cause you to easily catch flu and you should start paying attention to your healthy and more careful in doing daily activities. What are some things that can make us vulnerable to the flu?

Preventing Influenza Is Better

We all know if hand washing is a good way to prevent the spread of disease in the body. However, a common mistake that often happens is, we always forget to clean the thumbs of our hands correctly. Do you realize if the thumb is the most frequently affected when holding objects? For example, to type on the phone, do fingerprint attendance, and also when pressed the remote control. You also have to be careful in putting your bag after work home. Putting a bag on the floor is one of the causes of your bag being exposed to many bacteria.

Germs of flu are usually in the toothbrush, so you are advised not to put a toothbrush near to another family member. You should not wear shoes in the house, shoes that are used outside the house has been infected with diseases or bacteria. If you do so, children and other family members will be very susceptible to illness. There are many germs and viruses on the bed sheet. It is recommended at least two weeks to change the sheets, it will be better once a week. Do not forget to use the flu vaccine in your body. Especially for children and elderly people. That way you will avoid influenza.