Audi RS1 Price Car Release Date

By | June 23, 2017

http://pricecarreleasedate.comHey, car lover, Automotive fans, and car experts welcome to trusted source of upcoming car price car release date, specs, and performances information. Today, we will show you about upcoming car products from Audi. Audi is famous car brands and already loved by many people worldwide. Audi is famous for its sports car, rather distinct and different style while capable of making trusted engines and great performances. And in the upcoming month, Audi will release the brand-new Audi RS1 worldwide. From the official Audi website, they are stated that this car will be improvements from the older version of Audi RS model and the current Audi A1. The style will not really change if compared with older versions. Audi is trying to keep the styling and design as same as before since the previous version become loved by many people because of the design. The engines and performances also get some changes.

What Are The 2017 Audi Styling, Price Car Release Date, And Specification?

Just as we mentioned before, the styling of this brand-new Audi will not have any slight change in the styling and design. Audi stated that this brand new RS1 will have a slight change in styling, but not really contrast change. This Audi will have large alloy wheels combined with the low-profile tires. Not only that stylish design, but Audi RS1 will have improvements on aerodynamics, so this car will hug ground tightly not flying when it reaches high speed, Thanks to the aerodynamics design, and lowered suspension system. As for the price car release date, you can see it bellows.

This car will be released next fall in 2017, or we can say October 2017. And it will hit the international market in early 2018. As for the price, this car will cost you at least 30.000 pounds for standard specs, and 40.000 pounds for better specs. That’s it the information on Audi RS1 price car release date and specs. Overall, this is a good car with a sporty design and a touch in the design.

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