Available Bursaries In University

By | March 21, 2018

Are you looking for available bursaries in your university to support your education? You need to know what bursary that may be eligible for you based on the types below.

Types Of Available Bursaries

  1. Academic Excellence.

This bursary is for those who are academically gifted. So, if you want to apply this bursary, you need to provide your good grades from your high school year and your academic year in university.

  1. Musical bursary.

One of the available bursaries in your university is given to those who are good at singing as well as playing a musical instrument. If you are one of them then you would be happy to apply this type of bursary, you have to perform during your years in the university and you can get a music bursary! This bursary is not only for students who major in music.

  1. Financial need.

This is a kind of traditional type in bursary. It is intended to those who are in financial need. So, your university will award money to students who come from poor family and they can’t continue to study in the university. For this bursary, you have to provide your financial need.

  1. Personal circumstance.

For this bursary, it is based on personal circumstances. And it is also a specific bursary. The circumstances that taken into consideration are your parents’ job, your religion, your origin place, and others. This bursary often comes from the religious organization, local authority, as well as charity.

  1. Company bursary.

There are more companies who offer bursary. Some of them also offer work experience as part of the bursary. This is a great way for you to increase your knowledge and for a better experience. The company also get benefit by encouraging new talent to join the company.

Those are five available bursaries that you can find in a university. For more bursaries please visit Sabursariespro.com.

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