What Is Bali Elephant Bathing Tour?

By | January 9, 2018

Bali is such an amazing island, with a lot of natural scenery spot, amazing tourist spot along the road, and not to mention the rich cultural traditions there. If you want to enjoy the unusual experience in Bali, and want to experience something new with animals, then you are going to love our elephant bathing Bali tour package. In our elephant bathing tour, you will experience how it feels to bath in the cool lake along with cute and gigantic elephants. Elephants can be playful too, especially during their bath time. You will be splashed and sprayed with cool water, and our elephant will playfully spray you during their bath time. It is an amazing and unusual experience you can’t enjoy it anywhere else. Our elephants will happily greet you and accompany you on your visit to Bali elephant park. Well, our tour package isn’t only had bathing with elephants, and there are still more of our services you can enjoy here.

Enjoy Lot Of Our Services In Elephant Bathing Bali Tour Package

Our tour package is already included with comfortable accommodation, air-conditioned hotel transfers, included with our services, the full, complete and free buffet breakfast, optional safari ride through elephant park, tour guide, and of course the amazing bathing with elephant experience. Not to mention, that our tour package also comes with accident insurance. Once you brought our tour package, then you can enjoy every elephant park attractions and facilities, including elephant educational attractions, elephant safari rides, and many more. Our elephant bathing Bali tour is top notch, and you can’t find it somewhere else.

If you want to order our tour package, then you need to be fast. You need to express order and then book it online quickly, as we have limited number of quota every day. Be sure to check in quickly, if you want to enjoy our elephant bathing Bali tour package. Our tour package comes with economic and reasonable choice, and our services are much more worth it than the cost.

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