Bed Bugs Facts

By | March 8, 2018

Bed bugs are one of the most annoying insects in the world. Once thy bite you, your skin becomes swollen. Not to mention that later the bites can cause itchy, irritating, red mark. If the bites are grouped into a straight line, this is the type of bite caused by bed bugs. Some people may think that this is a mosquito bite. If you have bites from bed bug, don’t worry! The bites can’t cause disease. But they can cause skin infection. And the results are itching, swelling, and scratching. You may also experience insomnia since the bites are itchier during the night.

Bed Bugs Information

If you are an allergy to beg bugs bite, you will experience more symptoms. The bite mark is a just normal symptom. The symptoms that you may feel are burning sensation, painful swelling, and sometimes it can make you feel an anaphylactic response. These bugs can be found in many places such as home, hotel, college dorm, homeless shelters, business offices, apartment complexes, and military barracks. They tend to hide while you are sleeping. In the home, they tend to habit in pillows, bed frame, headboard, box springs, bed skirts, curtains, or furniture. And what should you do when you got bitten?

Although the symptoms will disappear at least one week, some people can’t resist the itchy, redness, and swelling of the bites. There are tips to cure the bites. First, you can use an anti-itch cream that you can buy at the drugstore to relieve the itching. Second, you can take an antihistamine to relieve the burning sensation on your skin. Third, if you want to scratch the bites, it’s better to put ice packs in the affected area to help you numb the skin. And the last tip is to get a pain relief if the symptoms become worse or cause pain. Find out more about bed bug only on

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