The Benefits Of Shrimp For Health

By | January 24, 2018

The body needs nutrients to perform the function of each cell, the various nutrients present in the human body can be derived from other living things. Foods that enter the body will provide a role in human survival. If the food consumed is a healthy food, then the person also has a great possibility to survive with a healthy body. This also applies vice versa. One that you can make as a nutrient for the body is shrimp. You can find a lot of shrimp, both from market on Indonesia shrimp exporters.

Benefits Of Shrimp From Shrimp Exporters For The Health Of The Body

Shrimp from Indonesia shrimp exporters usually have good quality because it contains various nutrients. This does not rule out that local shrimp also provide the same nutrients for the body. There are several benefits that you can get from shrimp:

  1. Maintain brain health

Shrimp contains various kinds of fatty acids essential for the body, one of them is omega 3. Fatty acids will provide nutrients to the brain. Omega 3 can help improve brain development. Therefore, shrimp become one of the good nutrition for children.

  1. Prevent cancer

Cancer can be caused by abnormal cell growth. When consuming shrimp, then you will give the mineral selenium into your body. This mineral will help kill cells that are abnormal bodies.

  1. Boost immunity

Shrimp will also have a role to boost the immune system. When you consume shrimp, then you will provide minerals that will function in the immune system.

  1. Prevent heart disease

In addition to helping improve brain growth, shrimp will also help you to maintain heart health. Your heart will be protected by consuming shrimp.

Those are some of the benefits you can get from shrimp from Indonesia shrimp exporters. Although it has many benefits, you also still have to keep the consumption of shrimp at a reasonable level. If you exceed the limit, then you can also experience health problems.

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