Best Car Review for Alfa Romeo Stelvio

By | September 2, 2017

latest car reviewUnique. It is a word that can describe the new Alfa Romeo. Though it is clear that the physical design of Alfa Romeo lineup, the design for the Stelvio 2017 is quite surprising. Looking from far away, the color grade and its physical look, especially the hood, makes this car look like an alien car. It divides the focus on the right and the left side, thanks to its bigger headlamp on the sides instead of closing to center. Best car review for this car has noted that this car belongs to a family car which also can function as SUV because of its versatility.

Stelvio Under Best Car Review

It is highly recommended to consider some facts about this car in terms of interior and its features, to begin with. Rounds, circles, ovals, are shapes you will find once you jump into the cabin. You will see such impression throughout the cabin ranging from the double round speedometer and odometer, knobs, air conditioner, and even the display cover. It is even better than best car review also finds accessible controls through the dashboard. It is also completed with the best functionality, and that is why this car is worth to consider.

In terms of performance, the engine is quite reliable even if it is under SUV standard. Its suspension is comfortable, its handling is nice, and its energy is zealous. The Stelvio uses an engine which can generate 207bhp along with the 130mph top speed. It is also equipped with 8-speed automatic which is helpful for reducing fuel consumption. If you are wondering about its fuel economy rate, it comes with 58 mpg. If you want to know more in detail about Alfa Romeo Stelvio, you should take a look at best car review. Comprehensive information about this car can be found easily on the website.

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