Best Places To Honeymoon In Indonesia

By | October 21, 2017

Best Honeymoon DestinationsAre you going to have a honeymoon with your husband or wife soon? Well, it is your time to read the best places to honeymoon in Indonesia now. Who does not like the tropical atmosphere with nature around? Ok, if you are one of those people, you should do your honeymoon in these places. For further information and the tips about the destinations; you may try to read the whole info in the following paragraphs.

The Best Places To Honeymoon In Indonesia

Well, you can start your journey and adventure in these places with ‏your husband or wife. The first place you have to visit is Bali island. You will enjoy the gorgeous beach and beautiful culture over there. However, if you do not really like the crowd and too much tourist in the island, you can just move to Lombok. Yeah, it is one of best places to honeymoon for you. It feels like Bali island but you will not feel the crowd and the too many tourists. It can be the perfect love nest. Then, there are more perfect places you should visit; they are Komodo Island, Raja Ampat, Weh Island, Gili Island, Moyo Island, Banda Island, Ora Beach and Yogyakarta.

You will see ‏that from all those places, you will feel the strong cultures in Yogyakarta and Bali. If you love the cultures and nature; you have to visit those places. However, if you love the beach and the coral, you can visit Raja Ampat. Then, if you want to see Komodo dragon, you have to visit Komodo Island. So, that is it. You may find out more info and pictures of the places in here: best places to honeymoon. Click it and you will get more specific information. Thus, that is all the info for you. I hope it will be helpful.

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