Bonzi Buddy Software And Mascot Information

By | February 5, 2018

How much do you know about Bonzi Buddy and the mascot? You maybe you will love it or even hate it. Some people who use the software are happy but some people also annoyed. Which side are you? Well, you can see the whole information of this software and the mascot here. Maybe you need to know more or you need to find out the history of the software.

The Info And Facts Of Bonzi Buddy Software And The Mascot Here

If you love the cute animal and animation; you surely love the mascot of this software: purple gorilla named Bonzi. You will see how cute the mascot when it tries to amuse you and give you jokes. Actually, there are several functions of the software not only for amusing the users. Here are the functions:

  1. It can amuse the users by singing songs. You can see from the pop up near the mascot and hear the singing of it. It will amuse you when you are sad or when you need to be amused.
  2. The Bonzi buddy has many things to amuse the users such as telling jokes and facts. It is very good for the users.
  3. The next function is to manage downloads. It can manage anything you love to download from the internet.
  4. It will give you the recent news. It is very useful to make you always up to date.
  5. It also will manage all the browser you usually do on the internet.

However, many people annoyed with the act of the mascot and the software. It is because it is often detected as the spyware. Why? It is collecting all the data and information of the users and send it to the center. Click Bonzi Buddy to know more about it and the history of the software. If you use a computer in 1999; you will see the history of this software released.

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