Business Opportunity As Dried Catfish Supplier

By | January 23, 2018

Catfish can be processed into a variety of processed foods, ranging from fried, roasted, to the smoked. Currently processing catfish that we often encounter is the usual fried and served together with vegetable and sambal, or commonly called special catfish, or burned which is then served with anchovy. The way of processing catfish that is still not much in the know by the community is catfish smoke, where the catfish is usually served along with a spicy sauce. Still at least the supply of catfish smoke is very likely to serve as a promising business opportunity for us.

Gold Business Opportunity For Dried Catfish Supplier

Compared with other freshwater fish, catfish is a fish that has a more economical price compared with others so much public interest in this fish never diminish, now live how we want to present processed catfish smoke to the community. Capital used in opening a catfish business is also not classified as large capital so it is not too burdensome if at any time suffered losses. Here is what we need to do when you want to open a business catfish smoke or can make a supplier that provides smoked catfish.

The first thing to do is to prepare a production site, where the place for the production of catfish do not really need a large pool, it’s just that we need a clean place and hygienic. After that, the things that need to be prepared is to prepare the production equipment, production tools here include a curing machine oven or commonly called the smokehouse, then provide plastic packaging, as well as vacuum packaging or commonly called vacuum packaging. Besides that, is no less important is to provide or prepare a name for our products, this is so that the name of the smoke catfish products is sold easily and quickly to be recognized by the community. That is some of the things related to the business of being a supplier of dried fish or smoked fish. More information can be found on the page. there will be a lot of explanation about smoked fish.

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