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Tea Or Fresh Water?

Health lifeWhat do you like, tea or coffee? Well, we all know that tea is better than coffee in health side. That is why the title above is the question of tea or fresh water. Both tea and fresh water are good beverages for people. They have a different function for people body. What do you prefer? Well, surely most of you will answer both. However, you should see the information and several tips just for you in the following.

Tea Vs Fresh Water, What Do You Prefer?

Tea is a good drink for people who have some problems such as obesity and skin problems. You may consume green tea to get many advantages of the tea. Black tea is also good tea. It is popular and good for health. What about fresh water? If you think fresh and plain water can do nothing, you are wrong. It maybe only water but it can do everything. Well, you can live without food but you cannot live without water. You know that. The advantages of fresh water are clear to keep you alive. Besides, it has more advantages for your body, skin and all of your body parts as long as you drink the right fresh water.

If your fresh water has the bad things inside it, your health will be endangered too. So, you should choose the right water. It is because there are many companies that produce mineral water. You never know whether it is really mineral water with pure contents or not. You never know it. So, you better drink the best fresh water based on the trusted ones. You may find other sources of fresh water in well for example. You know what? Some kind of tea cannot be filtered by the kidneys and of course, it is dangerous for you and water to clean it. Thus, that is all.

Tips To Stop A Nosebleed

Health careNosebleed is not a kind of health problem which is so painful. In some cases, it does not need medical attention when want to stop it. We just need to do several actions in order to stop the nosebleed. So, what should we do when want to stop a nosebleed? If you are wondering about the actions to do for stopping a nosebleed, here are some tips that you can follow if you want to stop your nosebleed by yourself.

Top Tips To Stop A Nosebleed Safely

You can begin with sitting down then pinch your nose firmly. You should make sure to pinch the area above the nostrils. Do this action for minimally 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you should lean forward then breathe via your mouth. By doing this action, you will help to drain the blood down from the nose so that it does not go back to the throat. Next, you have to put a pack of ice or a pack of frozen veggies which has been covered with a towel on our nose’s bridge. Afterward, you should stay upright instead of lying down. It will be good to help you stop the nosebleed naturally.

If you have done those several steps and you find that the nosebleed has been stopped, it means that you are not supposed to undergo medical advice as a treatment option. Nevertheless, if you just find that the nosebleed has not been stopped yet, you should do several recovery options here. At first, you should contact NHS 111 or call your doctor. You should do this when you have a sign of anemia or you have such problem which comes on a regular basis. Once you meet your doctor, there can be a few treatment choices such as nasal packing, cautery and more.

How To Deal With Stress

Health tipsStress can give you many health problems such as weight problems and emotional instability. Thus, it is very important to deal with your stress so you can do your daily routine effectively. Stress can be caused by many things. Generally, stress is caused by overworked and problems at your workplace. If you are able to manage your stress, you can be a happier and healthier person. Stress management is all about self-control. You have to improve your lifestyle, emotion, and thoughts. It can be less stressful if you have positive thoughts and your emotion is stable. Do not forget to apply a healthy lifestyle to prevent sickness and improve your stress management.

Dealing With Stress

The easiest way to deal with stress is to empty your mind from your problems. You have to manage your thoughts properly. Start thinking about positive things more often. If your mind is positive, your emotion will be stable and you can be a happier person. The next way to lessen your stress is to apply a healthy lifestyle. Start doing exercises regularly. It will make your body healthier and distract you from negative thoughts. If your body is fresh and fit, your mind will be healthy as well. Also, eat properly and only consume healthy food such as vegetables and fruits. Stay hydrated and drink enough water every day. Water is a well-known anti-depressant. Eat breakfast before you start your day and only consume healthy snacks.

As you can see there are many healthy ways to deal with stress. Stress can be dangerous and give you many health problems such as obesity. It is also better for you to rest and learn to relax. Uncontrollable stress can destroy your life and give you dangerous mental illnesses. Apply a healthier lifestyle and you will be able to control your stress.

What Is Hypertension?

Health tipsHave you heard about hypertension? It is actually one of the diseases that nowadays many people suffer from. The condition of hypertension is when someone has a higher blood pressure rather than the normal one. In this case, the blood flowing in the vessels will exert a force against the walls and it causes an abnormal pressure of your blood. Besides people who are considered have this disease are those who have blood pressure more than 140 over 90 mmHg. It means that the systolic is 140 mmHg while diastolic is 90 mmHg.

Stages Of Hypertension

Moreover, hypertension itself will not come in a bad condition directly. It means that there is the process of the normal blood pressure to the emergency condition. In this case, there are several stages of hypertension which you must know as follow. By knowing all the stages is very useful in order to help people to be aware of the danger of hypertension.

  1. Normal blood pressure: below 120 systolic and 80 diastolic
  2. Pre-hypertension: 120-139 systolic and 80-89 diastolic
  3. Stage 1: 140-159 systolic and 90-99 diastolic
  4. Stage 2: more than 160 systolic and 100 diastolic
  5. Hypertensive crisis: above 180 systolic and 110 diastolic

In pre-hypertension, indeed you should be careful since if you do not do any prevention to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, of course, the condition can be worse. Also, it also occurs in stage 1 and 2, usually that two stages should have a special treatment from the doctors. In this case, you should be more careful since a wrong lifestyle can lead to another serious disease. After that in the hypertensive crisis here it is a medical emergency in which the sufferers must get the medical treatment as soon as possible before the condition can be fatal.

How To Prevent Sinusitis?

Health tipsHave you heard about sinusitis? Yes, it is one kind of allergies which is commonly suffered by people. Sinusitis itself is an abnormal condition found in sinuses. In a health, one sinus will be filled with air, but if it is filled with fluid and then there is a blockage, there is a risk of infection because of the growth of germs. This allergy is actually have been got by million people around the world so it is a good idea when we know how to prevent thus condition.

3 Ways To Prevent Sinusitis

Besides, if sinusitis cannot be treated well, of course, the symptoms can get worse and there is a high risk of bad things happen. For instance, is sinusitis can lead to meningitis and other dangerous diseases. Then, what will we do to prevent this allergy? For those who are curious about this matter, just read the following passage.

Although there is no sure-fire way that people can do in preventing sinusitis, there will still some things which you can do to reduce the risk of getting sinusitis.

  1. Avoid smoking

The first thing which can be done is don’t smoke and also avoid the environment where there are active smokers. Since sinuses are the part of respiratory, thus avoiding smoking and active smokers becomes the best idea.

  1. Wash the hand often

Don’t forget to wash your hand since the infection can come from the contact of your dirty hand with the area around the nose. That is why you should wash your hand especially in the flu and cold season. Try not to touch the face is the next great idea too.

  1. Avoid the allergens

For those who get allergy, it is important for you to avoid those things which will trigger your allergy. As we know that many symptoms of allergies cause the problem of respiratory, thus you should avoid all the allergens.

Exercises Options For Mental Health

Health lifeIn today’s life, people who tend to get an issue with mental health is more common. It shows the growth of the mental health problem especially those which lead to metabolic syndrome. When lifestyle changes may take so much time to enhance our quality of health and overall life, doing exercises which are cost effective and does not take so much will be a very good choice to do. Then, what kind of exercises which good for our mental health? Let’s check out some of the exercises that you can choose below.

Exercises To Do For Healthy Mental

When it comes to exercises for improving your mental health, aerobic workout like jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, walking, and gardening can be a good choice. Jogging and walking is surely cost effective and not time-consuming. You can simply jog or walk around your neighborhood every time you have free time. Then, if you start to get bored with jogging and walking, you can consider about cycling or gardening. It can be done close to your home as well. As long as you have a bicycle, you can easily do this exercise without any worry. It will not cost you money as well.

Furthermore, you can also consider about doing other exercises like swimming. You can go to swimming pool with your family over the weekend as other option for exercise during your busy schedule. It will be a good time to exercise while having fun with your family. If you love dancing, you can also enjoy dancing as your exercise. There are many dances that you can enjoy for exercises. Well, those exercises are basically the best one for mental health. It is because of the ability to improve your blood circulation to your brain which will be good for your overall mental health.

Ways To Get A Healthier Life

Health careThere are many easy ways to get a healthier life. One of the easiest ways is to apply a healthy lifestyle. You can start your healthy habit by eating healthy food such as fruit, milk, and vegetables daily. Healthy food can boost your immune system. That means your body will have a lower chance of getting health problems. If you wish to get a healthier life and prevent many chronic health problems, you can simply eat more healthy fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can enjoy fruits as snacks for they are portable and easy to eat.

Healthier Food For A Healthier Body

Also, it is crucial to consume less fast food and junk food. Those unhealthy food contain a high level of cholesterol, bad oil, calories, and carbs. Consuming too much unhealthy food can give you a lot of diseases and chronic health problems such as overweight and cardiovascular diseases. Applying healthy lifestyle by exercising more and consuming healthier food can give you many health benefits. Thus, start living healthily by exercising more and consuming enough fruits and vegetables. Do you know? Spinach is one of the healthiest vegetables ever known. You can get a lot of vitamins and nutrients from the vegetable. Spinach has a high level of vitamin A, B2, C, K. In addition, the vegetable is also a great source of nutrients and minerals such as iron. Therefore, people who are suffering from anemia are recommended to consume spinach to lessen the pain.

Consuming less unhealthy food such as junk food and fast food is also recommended by health professionals. If you consume enough fruit and vegetables as well as doing proper exercises regularly, you will feel fresher and your body will be way healthier. If you are interested in starting a healthier lifestyle, you can get additional information and details by consulting your doctor or other trusted health professionals.

Healthy Fruits For Glowing Skin

Health lifeIt is said that your habit is reflected through your skin. Once you practice healthy habit, there is no doubt that your skin will seem healthy and glowing. Regarding this notion, eating fruit is one of the recommended ways to improve our healthy skin. There are actually some top fruits which are considered as the best one to make your skin healthy and glowing. Let’s check out some of the best fruits for our skin in this following information.

Top 5 Fruits For Healthy And Glowing Skin

Apple is surely in the top choice for healthy and glowing skin. This fruit is known to be the best resource of malic acid. This compound is popular as the one which is usually used in many beauty treatments. It promises youthful and healthier skin since it is able to renew our skin cells without injuring our skin layer. It also offers high fiber which helps you to elevate overall health. Avocado is the second one that we need to mention. It is another nutritious food which tastes delicious. There have been a number of benefits which are found from avocado including for skin benefits. It is known to offer vitamin B7 which is able to help skin regeneration.

Moving to another super fruit, there is banana which is also considered as top fruit to promote healthy and glowing skin. Thanks to the potassium contained in this fruit, banana becomes an excellent property to moisturize and also hydrate our skin. It also contains other nutrients that can make our skin healthy like vitamin E, B, and vitamin A. Additionally, we should not forget Kiwi which is rich in vitamin C. For your information, this fruit is claimed to supply more vitamin C compared with orange. Now, it is the time to consume more of these fruits for healthier and glowing skin.

All About Lupus Symptoms And Treatments

Health careYou may have known that there is no proved cure for lupus. However, we should not forget that early diagnosis and also early on treatment is able to help us manage the symptoms and lessen our chance for permanent damage in our organs. Since this health problem occurs differently in each person, medication and treatment are usually prescribed differently based on each person’s needs. For example, when you are suffering for mild case category, you may be asked to take anti-inflammatory medication and over-the-counter pain reliever. On the other hand, those in the severe case may get a stronger prescription.

How to Treat Lupus and Avoid It

Furthermore, there is actually a lupus therapy found in 2011. This therapy means to elevate patients’ immune system by a particular process. It also offers a solution for decreasing body’s capability for attacking its own organs or tissues. However, there are still many possibilities of medical improvement. Hopefully, there can be proved medication which can help people with lupus live even more normal. Now that we have known about the treatment, it must be good to learn about its symptoms as well especially because early diagnosis is very important in this health problem.

So, what are the symptoms of lupus? Actually, there are some symptoms which are common for people with lupus. First, there can be an achy joint or arthralgia occurs. Second, there can be unexplained fever as well. In this case, the patient’s temperature may elevate up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Third, the sufferer can also feel swollen joints which also occur in people with arthritis. Next, it is also possible to the patient to find skin rash. Afterward, extreme or prolonged fatigue is also said as another symptom of lupus. Now, if you find that there are some symptoms occur on your body, you need to call your doctor immediately for further diagnosis.