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Minimalist House Interior Design

Lots of houses built with new and fresh designs in Indonesia. Some of them use modern design, there are also people who are using classic design combined with a minimalist design that adopts a beautiful and elegant western style. Some people have tastes that tend to prefer modern design because it has the impression that is more luxury, but there are also people who already fell in love with the classic design and will continue to use the design although it has more choices in modern design. If you can be more creative, then you can also combine the two of them to make your home interior design more unique and interesting.

Some Design Options For Minimalist Houses

A modern minimalist white house interior design gives the impression of a cleaner, brighter, and make the house look more spacious. The effect of the bright colors that caused the room does not look narrow and the color helps facilitate the spatial arrangement because it can be combined with many colors. This design is the most preferred home interior design. Many people use this design as their home interior. You also can use this reference to make it as your interior design.

Other interior design uses a living room design with some wide glass as the replacement of the wall. To make it more interesting to see, using a golden paint in this room makes the room seem more luxurious, with a wide glass supported will add the impression of luxury more stand out. Another design is a combination of pink and white for your bedroom. You do need to design your bedroom in such a way, it makes you become more comfortable when spending time in the room because of the blend of beautiful colors. That’s some beautiful and simple home interior design that you can try to apply at home.

Method To Find Information About Wawa

There are several ways exactly two ways so that we can find and find a lot of information neighbor Wawa store, gas station or about Wawa customer survey. If you get gift cards for winning Wawa survey contest, you can contact the contact person available at Besides you can ask about gift cards because you win the contest, you can also ask a lot of information about Wawa to CP and was staff will respond quickly. In addition to the contact provided, we can send an email. But the email used is not through a regular email application because Wawa does not have an official email. But we can send messages via the official website of Wawa. You enter into the website and then will be found the link “contact us” from there you can type message that you will give along with your email address to next will be replied to the email you have written before.

The Winner Of The Wawa Customer Survey

In you will find who will be the winner of this survey. You need to know that in each survey period there will be only one winner every country. With a gift of $ 100- $ 250 gift cards will only be owned by one person from various countries available Wawa there. Therefore, the competition is a very tight survey and very much demand because in a very easy way we can get a big reward like that. It is more profitable for customers, in addition to getting maximum service from its Wawa company also gets a chance to win the prize.

The winner who is in the Florida section will get a reward of $ 250 gift cards per period while those in another American resident will get $ 100. The company will provide notification via the email address that you have included in the sweepstakes that have been filled at the time of the survey and for more information about Wawa visit is available at

Trusted Website For Finding Trendy Women Tattoos

In the past decade, a woman who has a tattoo on their body will be considered as something taboo. But, thanks to the technology development now every woman can have their beautiful tattoo on their body. In order to get the best of them, you might need some inspiration. In this case, you can see the inspiration from the best tattoo design websites. You can consider some things that are unique, beautiful and also suitable for your personality. So, what are the trending tattoos for women?

Simple And Elegant Women Tattoos

When it comes to you to choose the tattoos for your body, you can consider the simple ones. But, choosing tattoos is not as easy as it seems. You need to consider choosing some important parts when finding out about how you can choose tattoos for your performance from the best tattoo design websites. These are some unique tattoos for women we pick.

  1. No matter how old a girl is, they love having a flower. Not only as you give her the flower bouquet, but also when a woman put a flower tattoo on her skin. The flower is just like the symbol of femininity, beauty, and elegance.
  2. Geisha is also something philosophical when it comes to tattoo look. It is classic, unique and beautiful. If you’re looking for something beautiful as your back tattoo, the geisha look is very recommended.
  3. The infinity symbols will be also a great choice. It is suitable for you who have a spouse. It represents your loyalty and romance, keeping your look beautiful as well as getting the best symbol for your relationship.

We consider many things as your options when choosing the tattoos. You can also choose your initial for being your tattoo. You’ll also get many inspirations when choosing the tattoos from a book or song quotes. You can also browse for more inspiration from the best tattoo design websites.

Get Rid Of Cockroach

A car is one of the private transportation which you usually use for going to somewhere else. In a journey, you may eat some foods and left the residues there. You may don’t know about it but in fact, if you eat something in the car, you also will leave any leftover food in any tight places which you can’t see it. Well, have you thought that your car will be the best place for a cockroach to live? Yes, it is possible if your car is dirty and the cockroaches will breed there and born the baby cockroach inside your car.

2 Simple Rules To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Car

It is too scary, is not it? When you think that your car is safe from any cockroach and it is possible to them breed inside your car. To prevent the adult-born the baby cockroach, it will be better if you take the action as soon as possible before they made a home in your car.

There are 2 simple rules you should keep in mind if you don’t want your car to infestation in your car. The rules are:

  • If you see there is an adult cockroach in your car, you should throw it away and you need to clean up your car as soon as possible. Even if you just see one of them, it doesn’t guarantee that there are no other cockroaches in your car. To prevent this kind of things, it will be better if you go to clean up your car.
  • If you always take a journey and eat something inside the car, you should clean any food residues and after you come back from the journey, get wash it soon.

Those are the simple rules for you to get rid of the cockroaches in your car. Take an action before they born the baby cockroach in your car as well. Thus, keep in mind those simple rules.

Bonzi Buddy Software And Mascot Information

How much do you know about Bonzi Buddy and the mascot? You maybe you will love it or even hate it. Some people who use the software are happy but some people also annoyed. Which side are you? Well, you can see the whole information of this software and the mascot here. Maybe you need to know more or you need to find out the history of the software.

The Info And Facts Of Bonzi Buddy Software And The Mascot Here

If you love the cute animal and animation; you surely love the mascot of this software: purple gorilla named Bonzi. You will see how cute the mascot when it tries to amuse you and give you jokes. Actually, there are several functions of the software not only for amusing the users. Here are the functions:

  1. It can amuse the users by singing songs. You can see from the pop up near the mascot and hear the singing of it. It will amuse you when you are sad or when you need to be amused.
  2. The Bonzi buddy has many things to amuse the users such as telling jokes and facts. It is very good for the users.
  3. The next function is to manage downloads. It can manage anything you love to download from the internet.
  4. It will give you the recent news. It is very useful to make you always up to date.
  5. It also will manage all the browser you usually do on the internet.

However, many people annoyed with the act of the mascot and the software. It is because it is often detected as the spyware. Why? It is collecting all the data and information of the users and send it to the center. Click Bonzi Buddy to know more about it and the history of the software. If you use a computer in 1999; you will see the history of this software released.

Suggestion Fund Usage Same Day Loans

What is meant by Same Day Loans is the small amount of money that is lent to someone until the next pay date, where the transaction is only done by someone who has a very urgent need as well as people who are in great demand in a fast time. Where this transaction is done using the application, where the client will receive the decision of the lender on the same day for a very fast period. Where the loan will be transferred via Bank after the client receives approval from the company or the lender. This application can be used for some urgent things, so the use of this application is still quite limited. Here’s the review.

Use Of Same Day Loans Is Recommended

Not everything can be said to be urgent, as does the lending process done by Same Day Loans. Where funds lent are encouraged to be used for the following:

  1. Make urgent car repairs
  2. Losing money because it has been used for the treatment of a disease
  3. Unexpected family medical bills
  4. Emergency travel costs, such as a trip to a funeral or visiting a family that is already severely ill
  5. The cost used to start a new business or job, such as to buy the appropriate clothing or transit
  6. Gifts for special people, such as birthday gifts
  7. Pay a security deposit in a flat house or a new lease
  8. Pay a huge bill, for example paying a bill of electricity that is going up in a big way
  9. Includes salary difference, is if the bill will be due before our salary arrives, where the cost for the delay will be greater than the cost of online advance, as well as many more activities that may use this lending application.

That is some interesting info about Same Day Loans as well as the emergency activities that are allowed to use these borrowing transactions. Hopefully useful and happy to do the loan transaction!

Foods For Pitbull Puppies Growing Fast

Treating pitbull puppies is not too difficult and quite easy. Yet if we are not good at caring for them, it will make the puppies become thin and sick. One of which is the factor of food. Food is one of the factors in dog growth. If we give the right food, it will certainly make the puppies stay healthy and grow fast. The main factor in the growth of the dog is the appropriate feeding according to his needs.

Pitbull Puppies Food For Healthy And Fast Growing

  • Breakfast.

For pitbull puppies at age 1-8 months, you can feed in the morning in with special milk for dog and porridge for baby. The way is that by adding 2 spoons of dog milk to the porridge in the bowl and mix it well. Otherwise, for puppies at age 8 months and over, you may give dog food, meat or chicken that has been boiled.

  • Lunch

For lunch, you can give them dog food with a combination of chicken liver mixed with rice. The way is that by adding the boiled chicken liver with its water for boiling to be combined with the dog foods in the bowl or other containers.

  • Dinner

For dinner, the food that can be given is a mixture of dog food and special milk for dog and given a little-boiled water.

  • Vitamin B and appetite enhancement supplement

Then, in the treatment of feeding to get the puppies growing fast and healthy also by giving them vitamin B and food supplement. Vitamin B plays an active role in the enzyme system so as to increase your dog’s appetite. Vitamin B also ease to fat, protein, and glucose to be energy for them.

By giving them the proper food will help them to grow fast and healthy. Then, nutritional dosage should be adjusted to the weight and size of the pitbull puppies. So, you need to consider about that.

Tips To Buy Makeup Products

Welcome to the new world where you can use makeup product to make you prettier! There are many makeup products but you just have limited money. If this the case, our makeup tips for shopping-specific makeup products will be necessary for you.

Three Makeup Tips For Beginner

Below are some makeup tips that you need to read if you are a beginner in this makeup world. Makeup can be confusing, so we help you with these tips below.

  1. How to buy foundation

Foundation is necessary if you want to be flawless. It can cover acne, redness, scar, dark spots, and other complexions. You need to go to the store that allows you to try the product. Some makeup store has tester strips. You need to match the foundation’s shade with your skin tone. It’s better to buy foundation with sun protection so you don’t have to buy it separately. If your face condition is bad, it’s better to buy foundation with high quality and full coverage.

  1. How to choose lipstick

Choose a lipstick that feels good and looks good on you. Many people always consider the color only. But it’s important to note that wearing comfortable lipstick is necessary. If the lipstick it’s too dry for you, then you can skip it. If you want to buy nude lipstick, then try to match the shade with your natural lip shade.

  1. How to choose concealer

When it comes to concealer, you need to buy based on what you want to conceal. This makeup product is used to conceal small area. If you want to conceal large area, you need foundation, not concealer. If you want to conceal your dark circles, it’s better to choose a concealer with medium coverage. For dry skin, you need to buy liquid concealer. As for oily skin, you can choose any type of concealer except stick concealer.

That’s our makeup tips for the beginner. Visit for more tips.

Reclaimed Teak Furniture Shop

There are many kinds of furniture now; especially in the material. If you want to have reclaimed teak furniture, you can get more information about it here. Teak is very popular as the main material of furniture since long time ago. Why? There are many reasons why the wood is very popular and used by many people. Get more info and the reasons here.

Why Teak Wood Is Very Popular For Furniture Material

You will get the furniture made of teak in many shops now but you will get the info on the best shop only in here. Well, before I tell you the link to go and find the furniture; you should know the reasons why the teak wood is very popular for furniture material. See it below:

  1. They are durable and long-lasting. Teak is one of the strong wood. It is very suitable to be furniture including the reclaimed teak furniture.
  2. It can be placed indoor or outdoor. You do not need to worry if you love the wooden furniture so much but do not want to make it damage so easily in outdoor. You can have the teak wood as your furniture material, then.
  3. They are classic and never be getting old. Even though it looks classic and rustic; you will never find it old school. The teak furniture will always be elegant and good to be the part of modern houses.

So, what do you think? There are so many styles of teak wood furniture now you can choose as yours. Then, you can find them all here: reclaimed teak furniture. Not only the teak wood only in the shop, but also other material for furniture. Maybe you are attracted to mix all the furniture in one place and room. Thus, that is all.

Cheap and Helpful

For those of you who are just going to marry, maybe you are currently trying to find a new home to live in, and of course will not stay in an empty house, right? Now you begin to imagine having a decent and comfortable home to live with your little family and balancing what items need to be bought, but still friendly in the pocket. There are many items commonly purchased by people who will own new homes, such as, television, air conditioning, washing machines, and also most importantly furniture. This time we will talk about furniture. There is some alternatives furniture that is unique and useful but you can buy cheaply, that is chaise lounge. Chaise lounges are becoming a trend today because of the design that makes users comfortable. Maybe you want to have it but your finances do not support. So, here are some tips on getting a cheap chaise lounge.

Some Points to be Noted

Reducing the money spending is indeed necessary, so if you want to get a cheap chaise lounge to take it to your new house, note the following points below.

  1. If you buy through online sites, then you need to check prices at some buying and selling portal.
  2. Another way, you can check through the hashtags in Instagram
  3. In addition to online sites, you can also go directly to some furniture markets to compare prices.
  4. If you have a furniture store subscription, you can also use discount coupons provided by the store.
  5. You can also go to the exhibition of used goods.

Those are some tips to get cheap chaise lounge for you who want to get it with an economical price. So, you do not have to worry about spending too much money to get what you want if you know the trick.