What Cause Earthquake In General?

By | July 11, 2017

what causes earthquakesThere are a lot of people around the world who are unaware of the cause of natural disasters. One of the most frequently asked questions is what cause earthquake. Earthquakes can be caused by many natural events and phenomena. The most common cause of earthquake is tectonic shifts. Tectonic earthquakes can also be caused by the movement of the earth’s mantles. The other common cause of earthquake is a volcanic eruption. A volcanic eruption can also be caused by tectonic earthquakes. An earthquake which happens below the sea can cause a tsunami. It is a devastating wave that can destroy anything on beaches. It is highly advised for people on the beach to stay away from the sea after an earthquake.

What Cause Earthquake In Asia

What cause earthquake in Asia? Asian countries are rich in a volcano, however many of those countries are often hit by tectonic earthquakes. Modern Asian countries such as Japan often teach their people about the danger of natural disasters. That way, people will know what to do in case of natural disaster and increase their chance of survival. Earthquake can also cause a tsunami. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your distance from beaches after an earthquake attacks. Also, you need to be careful about sinkholes and landslides which can occur after an earthquake. In some cases, a tectonic earthquake may also trigger deadly volcano eruptions. Thus, people must be very careful about the earthquake.

People must be educated and trained to face natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunami. Nowadays, scientists and government are able to predict the location of some natural disasters. However, sometimes the prediction can be inaccurate. If people are educated and trained to face natural disasters, the damage can be significantly reduced and help can arrive quickly. Hopefully, this article can give you information about what cause earthquake.

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