Chrome Has Stopped Working; Deleting Sandbox

By | July 27, 2017

google chrome has stopped workingDid you ever find “Chrome has Stopped Working” problem with your Google Chrome? When you ever find this problem and it always appears in your windows, you do not need to worry since this problem actually is a simple problem with chrome. When you think that you need the solution since it keeps appear in your Chrome, you can choose many ways to fix the problem. However, you have to know first about the cause of this problem before choosing the solution. Since the solutions for this problem will so vary, you have to read the following paragraphs to know more about this problem.

Chrome Has Stopped Working And The Solutions

When you find Chrome has Stopped Working problem, you have to know the solution for that problem. Actually, you have to make sure that you know several things that can be the cause of the problem. So, make sure that you know those causes. For the example, the cause that can cause this problem is the Sandbox. What is Sandbox? A sandbox is a tool that you can use to protect the Google chrome. When you cannot open certain pages, it can be because of the Sandbox. Sometimes, it can cause the Chrome that suddenly stopped.

So, the solution for this cause is by turning off the Sandbox setting. You can go to the “shortcut” tab and you can add “-no-sandbox” there. It can help you to fix the problem in your Google Chrome. After you choose to inactive the Sandbox, you can check whether the problem still comes up when the Chrome is running or not. Besides that, it will be good to make sure that you also know other factors that can cause this problem. By knowing the cause, you will know more about the solution of those problems. That is all the information for you about Chrome has Stopped Working. Hope you like it.

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