Codeigniter Tutorial and Definition

By | September 11, 2017

seegatesite.comWhat is Codeigniter? What is Codeigniter tutorial? For you who are learning about coding, you might know about what Codeigniter is. Yet, many of you might still do not know what it is. For those people who still do not know what it is, actually, Codeigniter is a framework PHP which belongs to open source framework. What is a framework? In coding, framework becomes the term to mention the combinations of many instructions or orders to make the developer become easier in making a program. Do you want to know more about Codeigniter? Please, read the following paragraphs if you are curious about it.

Codeigniter Tutorial and Function

Actually, before you are going to start your Codeigniter tutorial, you have to know about several information related to it. Yes, you have to know about the fact that this kind of framework belongs to the open source framework. Then, the method of this framework is MVC. What is MVC? MVC stands for Model, View, and Controller. Each of the compositions has a different portion and different function. However, the whole function of MVC is the technique to separate the main component becomes three components, which are Model, View and also Controller. Do you want to know more about it?

More from MVC has a function to process the database or manipulate the database. It also has a function to input the database. All the order to process the database belongs to Model. Meanwhile, View is the part which has to work with the interface and also user page. It can help the website designer to improve the display of the website. Then, how is about the Controller? Different with Model and View, Controller has a function to connect to the Model and also View. It can be said that Controller helps the user to change the coding mode from View becomes instruction. That is all the information about Codeigniter tutorial for you.

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