Danger of Obesity That You Should Know

By | January 15, 2018

Some people aware that eating too much is dangerous for the body. However, not all people aware of this. There are many people in the world who ignore this information and finally caught in an obesity. There is actually various kind of obesity based on the level of how weight exceeds the body itself. There is mild obesity that exceeds 20% of the body’s actual weight (means the rest is the fat). There is the medium obesity who exceed the 40%-100% of body’s actual weight. And the last that is the worst kind of obesity which exceeds the 100% body’s actual weight and it is very dangerous.

Brain Disorders and Heart Attack

Whether you are included in the mildest obesity or not, you should know that the obesity is the kind of disease that people usually underestimate. So, you should act from now, reduce your weight, and do some workouts. Well, to tell you the truth, and to motivate you, there is actually a very dangerous effect of obesity that not many people know and that is the brain disorders.

Brain disorders caused by obesity is when you think eating is actually an addiction, especially for the sweet and high-fat kind of food. There is also another dangerous side effect that the fat will produce a hormone that causes the inflammation and then affect the cognitive area in the brain. This, in the end, will lead to damaging the memory in the brain. Can you imagine how dangerous is that?

So, you know now some dangerous effect of obesity. However, there is also an additional side effect if you caught in an obesity and that is the heart disease. The fat is actually excess will push the blood vessel and eventually will cover it in the heart. This will make the blood flow to the heart is clogged and will lead to the heart failure in the worst case.

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