Easy Step To Fillet Milkfish

By | January 18, 2018

Milkfish suppliers are available in some areas in Asia. Milkfish is kind of fish which contains some nutrition that is really good for body health. Some people usually prefer to choose boneless milkfish or fillet milkfish since it is easier to be eaten. Yet, it is not too easy to fillet the milkfish even for a professional one. You need to follow some steps to fillet this kind of fish and make it as a delicious food.

Step To Fillet Milkfish

If you cannot find any milkfish suppliers that can provide your need of fillet milkfish, you may do it by yourself by following some steps below.

First, clean your milkfish by removing all the scales, gills, and its guts.

Then, you can clean the milkfish by using flowing water on your sink.

After it is cleaned, you can start to fillet the milkfish by cutting its head and tail for the first to make you easier to fillet the milkfish.

Next, you need to use filleting knife to have a good shape of fillet milkfish, you can cut the ribs started from its backbone.  You need to make sure that you cut the milkfish into two neat halves.

At the end, after you have done all the steps above in the correct way by getting a good result, you can start to cook your fillet milkfish.

For some people, it may quite hard yet if you practice more you can get a good shape of fillet milkfish. On the other hand, if you do not want to try it by yourself, you can look for milkfish suppliers that offer fillet milkfish. By getting the supplier that offers the fillet milkfish, you do not need to spend your money and time for practicing filleting milkfish since you only need to order the fillet milkfish.

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