The Essential Nutrients for Children

By | February 3, 2018

As a parent, you want to give everything for your child. Not only giving your unconditional love, but you will give the best foods so they can grow healthily. Providing the best food will be the key to balanced growth, which will give impact in a child’s future, especially when you prepare your child’s meals by yourself. Indeed, the home cooking foods are the best for children. Therefore, when you prepare your child’s meal, there are some essential parts of the meal that you shouldn’t forget.

Nutrients to Add when Cooking for Children’s Meal

To obtain a balanced growth, here are some things you need to add to your child’s meal:

  1. Carbs

Carbohydrate is one of most essential part of the meal. Although there is a trend of cutting carbs for meals, it’s the source of children’s energy. It functions in processing fat and repairing the damaged tissue. Make sure you cook carbs from starch for them as they are less of sugar.

  1. Proteins

Useful in building cells in the body, this substance will also break the food down so the body gets the needed energy. Proteins also help your body in fighting infection and transport oxygen to the body parts. You can cook proteins like meat, chicken, fish or beans.

  1. Calcium

As your children are in their rapid growth, providing calcium will support their bones. It’s a great substance for the nerve and muscle as well as for the heart. You can provide calcium for your child by serving the dairy products, broccoli, eggs, tofu and even ice cream!

  1. Fats

Although many adults avoid consuming too many fatty foods, providing the fats for children is really important. This is the trigger for the body to use the nutrients. You can serve fish, meat or nuts for children.

Adding those key nutrients to your child’s meal is essential. Don’t worry about the stuck ideas, since there are so many recipes available on the internet as your reference.

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