What Expert Said About Bed Bugs

By | January 7, 2018

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small parasitic insect commonly found in the folds of mattresses, carpets, sofas, and other hidden places. These insects love to consume blood at night, even though they are not completely nocturnal animals. The victim will not be aware of the bite of the bed bugs until a rash on their skin feels itchy and hot. Then, what is the appropriate treatment for bed bug bites? And how to do it right? Below will be explained the appropriate way in handling bed bug bites by the expert.

Appropriate Treatment For Bed Bug Bites

According to Dr. Chan Chew Yuin from Dermatology Associates, the first aid when you get bitten by bed bugs is antihistaminic cream since after being bitten by bed bugs, the skin will feel itchy and arise reddish bumps. It is considered as the most appropriate treatment for bed bug bites because it can relieve the itch and the other skin reaction. For the alternative, it can be also steroid cream or antibiotic. It is also necessary not to scratch the rash since it will lead to the wound. Then, the wound can trigger an infection. Although the scars will recover, it can leave black marks of increasing skin pigmentation.

The dermatologist also added that you can get rid the skin pigmentation by using sunscreen cream, whitening creams such as tretinoin and hydroquinone, or laser therapy. Furthermore, Dr. Chan Chew Yuin also said in Gleneagles Medical Centre that the bed bugs saliva contains anti-anesthetic substances so that the bite will not feel pain. However, their saliva also contains an anticoagulant substance that can cause an allergic reaction to the human skin generally. Allergic reactions vary by person, depending on various factors, such as immunity. Besides the treatment for bed bug bites mentioned earlier, there is also a long-term solution that is by disinfecting the bedbugs. You are not advised to use insecticide products that are widely circulated in the market. You’d better contact a licensed pest control agent.

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