Factors That Can Affect Our Health

By | August 6, 2017

Health tipsHealth condition is very important for everyone. With good health condition, we will do any activity smoothly without even any significant fatigue and be tired. Not only we can do several activities smoothly, but with a good health condition, we have a better resistant to severe disease and illness. Also, we can at least have a better chance to live long. There are several factors that affect our health condition such as diet, exercise, habits, environment even inherited DNA can also be affecting our health. Well, bellows are some factor that affecting health condition along with a short explanation.

Some Factors That Can Affect Health Condition Greatly

Health condition is affected by several things such as diet, exercise environment and much more. First, diet maybe one of the factors that affect our health condition greatly. With good and healthy diet, we can build healthy and strong body. A good and healthy diet should consist of balanced nutrition in its meal. We need to control our diet in order to stay in good health and stay in shape. We are what we eat, so what we eat and how we eat affects greatly in our body health. But, with only diet control, we can’t really have a good health condition. We will need exercise to shape our body. Eating will sustain nutrition and energy for our body, while exercise will shape our body to be better and stronger. Every healthy lifestyle must consist of exercise, even it is just light exercise and not intense exercise.

DNA you inherited from parents can also affect your health condition. There are many health condition and complication that inherited from parents to the child. In this medical technology, there is not much we can do to avoid, prevent or heal any health complication caused by DNA inheritance. Lastly, the environment you live also affecting your health greatly, Clean and fresh air environment is better than the dirty environment. There is difference in health condition between people who live in a clean environment with the dirty environment.

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