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By | March 15, 2018

If you go to your office with public transportation which takes much time to go, so you might feel bored. As the best solution, you can try to get the offline games for Android which is perfect to play on public bus or train. So, you will not get sleepy and bored along the way to the office. You don’t know how to find one? Well, take it easy. Here, you will be provided with the download apk for android and also games!

The Best No Wi-Fi Games To Play On Your Way To Office

Do you need no Wi-Fi games Android accompanying along to your office? Here are the download apk for android and best games for you:

  • 2048

Do you know 2048 games? It is kind of multiple games which let you drag some different numbers. The goal is you need to get the multiple numbers of 2048. It is the easy one yet enjoyable. You can even play it on public transportation while going to your office.


  • Flow Free

If you do not like to get more pressure on playing the game, so you can try to get Flow Free. As like as 2048 in a simple way, this game is the easiest and enjoyable one. The concept is connecting the dot to dot. There will be some dots in different colors. Your task is connecting the dots which have same colors in certain time. It needs fast thinking.


  • Unblock Me

Do you need the more excellent game? Unlock Me is the best recommendation. You need to let the red block out the box which are hurdled by a lot of brown blocks. The portrait blocks only can be moved horizontally while the landscape block only can be moved vertically. That is why it will train your logic and imagination at once.


If you think that these offline games are not interesting enough, so you can try to get more on Google Play Store or Apps Store. However, make sure that you download the offline one. Go get it and download apk for android for free!

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