Fix The Unsuccessful Connection From HP Printer

By | February 7, 2018

HP printer driver is the most important thing when you want to use it. If you did not install the driver, so it cannot be connected as well. However, there are some problems when the driver has been installed. The causes are various. It can be your connection, driver, computer, or even printer. You can check them one by one. If there is no problem with your computer and printer, so you can suspect that the driver or connectivity are the problems. So, how to resolve the unsuccessful connection?

How To Resolve Unsuccessful Connection For HP Printer

If you are sure there is no problem with the printer or computer, so you can do steps to check on your driver. Here are some steps to resolve the problem with HP printer driver:

  • Restart All Connection

For the first thing to do is close all connection. You can restart your computer, printer, and even connection. You can press the power off button on the router and printer. Then, unplug the connection between your computer and printer. Don’t forget to close all the running programs before restarting the computer. After that, turn on your printer and computer back.

  • Uninstall the Driver

After your computer ready, you can find the driver to uninstall it. You can find it from Programs and Features to uninstall it.

  • Repair the System

You have to repair the system file from a command from. Then, run the administration to fix the problem.

  • Install the Driver Back

If the system is already repaired, so you can install the HP driver back. Just find the driver for your storage. On the other hand, you can also download it again from if you cannot find the driver to install. Just find the driver which is compatible with your printer and PC.


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