Food Triggers of Migraines

By | January 7, 2018

A migraine is a condition which certain people have experienced and here they will feel the pain in their half head. This condition actually can be caused by several factors, and one of them is caused by food. As it is known that certain food will trigger migraines so you need to know well which food that can trigger this condition. If you need a further information about food trigger of a migraine, below is the explanation for you.

Some Food Triggers of Migraines

In this case, there are several kinds of food which might trigger a migraine that you need to know. For the first one is alcoholic drinks in which nowadays many people drink this kind of drinks. If you have tasted an alcoholic drink you may feel more relaxed after then, but at the same time, you can get a headache including a migraine.

So about the next food that triggers a migraine is called msg or monosodium glutamate. Consuming too much msg in your food actually will not good for health especially for the head. It is because msg can trigger many diseases including a migraine.

Another food that can trigger a migraine is caffeine. As it is known that drinking too much caffeine is not good for the health and then migraine comes to be one of the results. Thus for those who like coffee and tea so much, since inside those drinks there is caffeine, you don’t drink them too much.

In short, those are several foods that trigger the condition of a migraine. If you get a migraine after consuming the food above, maybe you have consumed the food too much. In addition, actually the cause of a migraine is actually not only food, there are other things like stress which influence a migraine too. Otherwise, hydrating also can come as the other triggers of this kind of condition.

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