Foods For Pitbull Puppies Growing Fast

By | February 4, 2018

Treating pitbull puppies is not too difficult and quite easy. Yet if we are not good at caring for them, it will make the puppies become thin and sick. One of which is the factor of food. Food is one of the factors in dog growth. If we give the right food, it will certainly make the puppies stay healthy and grow fast. The main factor in the growth of the dog is the appropriate feeding according to his needs.

Pitbull Puppies Food For Healthy And Fast Growing

  • Breakfast.

For pitbull puppies at age 1-8 months, you can feed in the morning in with special milk for dog and porridge for baby. The way is that by adding 2 spoons of dog milk to the porridge in the bowl and mix it well. Otherwise, for puppies at age 8 months and over, you may give dog food, meat or chicken that has been boiled.

  • Lunch

For lunch, you can give them dog food with a combination of chicken liver mixed with rice. The way is that by adding the boiled chicken liver with its water for boiling to be combined with the dog foods in the bowl or other containers.

  • Dinner

For dinner, the food that can be given is a mixture of dog food and special milk for dog and given a little-boiled water.

  • Vitamin B and appetite enhancement supplement

Then, in the treatment of feeding to get the puppies growing fast and healthy also by giving them vitamin B and food supplement. Vitamin B plays an active role in the enzyme system so as to increase your dog’s appetite. Vitamin B also ease to fat, protein, and glucose to be energy for them.

By giving them the proper food will help them to grow fast and healthy. Then, nutritional dosage should be adjusted to the weight and size of the pitbull puppies. So, you need to consider about that.

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