Gaining Profits From Freshwater Shrimp

By | January 23, 2018

Freshwater prawns or Macrobrachium rosenbergii is a freshwater fishery commodity and become one of Indonesia’s natural resource, in which there are so many Indonesia freshwater shrimp suppliers. Types of freshwater shrimp are often called giant freshwater prawn is indeed having a large enough potential that can generate profits doubled. In addition to giant prawns have the largest size when compared with other types of freshwater shrimp; this type of shrimp also has important economic value because the prawns have many consumers both domestically and abroad such as Japan and some in Europe. That’s why giant prawns become one of the mainstays of export commodities.

Indonesia Freshwater Shrimp Business Opportunity

Everyone needs animal protein to meet the needs of his body, giant prawns become one source of animal protein that much favored by consumers. But the price of giant prawns is high enough, thus making the type of shrimp that has a savory and sweet taste is widely consumed by the middle to high-class society. Therefore, Indonesia freshwater shrimp suppliers are a good business opportunity. The prospect for this business is quite bright for the future because when compared with other freshwater fish cultivation, the price for prawns is relatively higher. In addition, this type of shrimp is also much more exported to foreign countries such as Japan and some European countries. It’s tasty and sweet also become the excellence for giant prawns that have many consumers.

To start this business prawns can be done in ponds. Lately, the cultivation of giant prawns has been increasingly widespread in various regions in Indonesia. To support the success of the activities or cultivation, the farmers need technology that really suits the needs and also the scale of business owned by farmers. Marketing of giant prawn’s cultivation can be done for export needs and the needs of local communities. Indonesia freshwater shrimp suppliers can market and sell these shrimps for household and restaurant needs.

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