Get More Benefit While Sleeping Together

By | February 5, 2018

Did you know that sleeping together with the couple gives a lot of benefits? A recent study said that sleeping with a partner was healthier than sleeping alone, said the experts. Women in stable long-term relationships will fall asleep faster and less awake at night compared to single women or mates who experience problems with their partners. Research shows that sleeping with a partner can enhance feelings of security and comfort that can eventually lower levels of stress hormones cortisol and cytokines that can cause inflammation. Plus, it increases the hormone of love or oxytocin that has proven to be useful for reducing anxiety.

Cuddle While Sleeping Able to Maintain Health

A study suggests that simple actions such as hugging can increase the amount of the hormone oxytocin in the body. This hormone is a hormone that can increase confidence and self-confidence, reduce fear, and increase affection and tranquility. The psychologist recommends at least 8 hugs a day to be happier and enjoy a better relationship. While a reliable therapist states that we need 4 hugs for survival, 8 hugs for health and 12 hugs for growth.

For couples who often sleep in bed tend to have a more stable blood pressure and is able to maintain calm nerve. Sleeping while embracing will ease the burden of the mind and make the body more relaxed so not easily stressed. Studies said, sleeping with others can help overcome the problem of insomnia. The touch of the couple while sleeping together will create a warmth which means very good for blood circulation. Automatically, the warmth of the body when embraced can also make the skin radiate the glare. Sleeping beside someone we love is also great for heart health. Sleeping with your couple will bring a sense of security and warmth that causes the heart to beat normally. Therefore, keep your good relationship with your partner in order to remain harmonious and romantic.

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