Good Content In Milkfish Bangus

By | January 19, 2018

Do you know what is milkfish? Of course, most people already know this type of fish, which in Indonesia itself type of fish is most preferred by the community, this is because in addition to its nutritional content is very good for health, it turns out this fish has a distinctive taste and very delicious. This type of fish is not only in Indonesia alone, but there are also derived from Hawaii, and also the Philippines. Where for each State the name of this type of fish has a different name. In Indonesia commonly called the with milkfish, in Hawaii known as Awa fish, while in the Philippines itself is known as milkfish Bangus.

Some Good Content In Milkfish Bangus

Fish originating from the Philippines is known as milkfish Bangus is a food that is loved by people in the world, especially by the people of Taiwan, where in Taiwan itself usually serve this fish combined with de-boned in rice porridge Hokkien style. In addition, this type of fish has been circulating in various major countries, as there is in supermarkets Asia -99 ranch, in California, USA.

Milkfish or commonly called milkfish Bangus in the Philippines, in addition to the delicious taste, it contains very high nutrients and has a very high nutritional value, such as high levels of niacin, vitamin B12, high phosphorus content, selenium, vitamin B6. Similarly, the content of other oily fish such as content in sardines and salmon. Milkfish is also rich in omega 3 oils, eicosapentaenoic acid or commonly known EPA and docosahexaenoic acid or commonly known as DHA which is one of the nutrients for the brain. But also for people with uric acid has a limit to consume it because it has a very high purine base content. That’s a few reviews about the content that exists in this type of milkfish fish. Hopefully, this review is useful and helpful!

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