Handbag Repair Near Me

By | March 4, 2018

When it comes to handbag repair near me, maybe you want to restore the color of your handbag. Color fade to the surface of your favorite handbag can be fully repaired by us, the experts. Our technology can mix color so it can get the color that matches with your favorite bag. Moreover, it can also blend very well with the rest of your handbag.

Color Restoration In Handbag Repair Near Me

Handbag repair near me provides some methods for each brand in color restoration. Find your bag in this article below.

  • Mulberry handbag

Mulberry is very popular with its Alexa bag. If you have one and you always carry it through the years, we think it’s better to restore the color now. This bag needs a lot of attention and care so it can go back to its best looks. To restore the color, we need to the spa this bag, repair the pipping, and do full-color restoration after that. Detox treatment is also needed for this bag if it has pet urine smells and stains.


  • Dior handbag

If your Dior bag has a serious case of discoloration, then your bag need handbag spa. The workshop will restore the iconic bag to its original color. We will fully clean the bag inside and out. After that, we will restore the color with our interior tab. This technology will be unaffected by circumstance through the seasons. Now your Lady Dior is back to the best shape and color.


  • Celine handbag

If you have Celine handbag which suffered from dye transfer from dark clothing, we have dye transfer removal treatment. This handbag will fully clean to remove the dye transfer. After that, the color restoration and stain protection will transform this bag to its original color.

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