Honda Car Specs And Review

By | August 9, 2017

honda car reviewsIt has been years that minivans become one of the unfavorable cars among car buyers. As you search about Honda car specs and review, you may prefer to search for sedan, crossover or MVP rather than a minivan. At this point, we can say that you may prefer to look for Civic, Accord or Odyssey rather than something like Honda Pilot. Well, Honda Pilot is actually another minivan that receives that hate from car buyers despite its great specs. However, the new Honda Pilot seems to be worth to expect since it offers a lot of strengths.

2017 Pilot Honda Car Specs And Review

As you can expect from a minivan, the new 2017 Honda Pilot will provide you a roomy, versatile interior with large rear seats. It is also possible for you to expect for smooth as well as compliant ride in most conditions. Another interesting point about 2017 Pilot Honda car specs is that you can also expect for advanced fuel economy when it is compared with its competitors. It is also possible for you to wait for multiple smart compartments for your storage system. Until this point, there is nothing wrong about anticipating this car, isn’t it?

Now, let’s move on to the performance. For the EX-L base that is available for eight passengers, the car is powered by a 3.5-liter engine that is supported by all-wheel drive and auto transmission. Moreover, there are some standard features that are offered for this new car as well. You can expect for useful features like heated seats, cruise controls, sunroof or moonroof, leather seats, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, remote start and more. Then, how about the price of this new Honda Pilot? For the EX-L base, the price is starting from $ 38,255. That’s what you need to know about 2017 Pilot Honda car specs and review.

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