Installing Wooden Laminate Floor

By | November 27, 2017

staircase landingsThe Wooden laminate floor becomes a trend and very popular choice among homeowner. People who had limited money, but want their floor to looks great, sleek, and easy to take care off choose wooden laminate floor as their flooring. Installing laminate wood flooring is very easy, cheap and you can do it by yourself. You only need the correct materials or wooden planks, and the laminate wood floor installation kit. You can find many laminate flooring installation kits in the material store, and home supply depot. Inside the installation kit, you will find several tools and kit you will need to install laminate flooring. Now, here we are going to show you some step by step instruction to install wooden laminate flooring on your own.

Tips And Step By Step Instructions For Installing Laminate Wood Flooring

The first step for installing laminate wood flooring is to acclimate your wooden planks. If you lay out your wooden planks and installing it right away without acclimating it, some of the wooden planks will be buckled after installing it. Acclimate it to your room for at least 48 hours. While waiting for the wooden planks, you can make a plan and layout of your laminate flooring. Measure the size of your rooms, and count how many wooden planks you will need to cover up the entire room. Choose which directions you want to lay out your wooden planks. After making your plan and layout, clean up your floor from any debris or nails, and then remove any baseboards you have on the floor using Prybar.

Now, when the wooden planks already acclimated, lay out the underlayment first, cover up the entire room. Then lay out your first row of wooden planks, after that continue with the second, third and go on to the entire room is covered. Wax your wooden planks with paint and waxing to make sure it is scratch resistant, and stain resistant. Reinstall your baseboard, and your laminate wood flooring is finished. That’s it steps on installing laminate wood flooring, easy right?

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