Japan Travel Tips For You

By | June 22, 2017

Japan Travel Tips For You

From Tokyo to Kyoto, there are numerous tourist destinations in Japan. That’s why many travelers choose to spend their times to travel around this country. In case you are also interested in going traveling to Japan for the first time, you may need to learn some tips related to traveling to Japan. Here, we have some tips that you should learn before traveling to Japan.

Tips Travel To Japan

To start, you should prepare for your flight. Since you are an international tourist, it is better for you to take an internationally run flight. By doing so, you will have a greater chance to get roomier seats and nicer features. Aside from popular films that you may have ever watched before, international flight, especially from Japan, will provide numerous documentaries of Japan which you may need to know before staying in Japan for a while. Later, you should get a Japan Rail pass if you are going to leave Tokyo. By having this JR Pass, you will have a chance to get access to any JR line available in this country for 7 days.

Furthermore, when you are away for sightseeing or shopping, it is better for you to bring cash. In Japan, you will find a cash-based society where many shops are not usually available for a credit card. So, it is important for you to remember bringing cash when you are traveling around Japan.

Next, when you are traveling in Japan, you should try to enter one of convenience stores around you. You will find something different from Japanese convenience stores. Here you can get something to eat in inexpensive cost as well. Moreover, you may need to learn the phrase “eigo o hanashimasu ka?” which means “Do you speak English?” This is a must-learned phrase so that you can communicate with someone who knows your language.

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