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By | July 25, 2017

iphone giveawayHaving Smartphone will give you many benefits, just like the name it is smart enough for a human. This Smartphone will be ready to help you anytime if you have that communication thing, and then you need amusement also you need to stay on your business. This one will never fail to help you.  From there are many Smartphone, one of them is iPhone. Yes, this is a production from Apple and now it comes with the new one called iPhone 7. This is still new and you can get that for free so you need to win that giveaway to get free iPhone 7.

Free iPhone 7 Here

However, you need to know first about this Smartphone from Apple. This iPhone 7 will be a bit different. It has been developed so that it will be better than iPhone 6. Yes, from the colors, you can choose many colors such as rose, golden, and also black, and silver. You can choose one that suits your personality. After that, you need to know that the capacity of this Smartphone also will be larger. It is 32 Gb, 128 GB, and 256 GB. They are spacious enough for you to install many application and game so go get free iPhone 7 now.

For the battery, also it will be 2 hours longer than iPhone 6. The camera is also great. For the front camera, it is 5 MP, and the back camera will be 12 MP. That will be so great to take a picture. The next is that you need to know this iPhone 7 has the look which is slimmer than you can save it easily in your pocket or bag. It is will be flexible to hold. Well, that’s all for the specification today, now join the giveaway and get free iPhone 7.

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