How to Make A Stewed Milkfish?

By | January 23, 2018

Cooking is one of the most interesting activity for some people. You will get more pleasure when you serve certain menu successfully. One of the best menus is from fish. You can even use milkfish as the main menu. It is easy to cook and easy to find, so you may not take much time to cook it. For better quality, you can also even but milkfish directly from milkfish suppliers. Have you got an idea of what will you cook for milkfish?

Stewed Milkfish Cooking Steps

As the best recommendation for cooking milkfish, you can try to do stewed milkfish. Before that, you have to prepare some ingredients and make sure that you get the best quality milkfish from the credible milkfish suppliers. If all ingredients are ready, so it is a time to cook the stewing milkfish.

  • First, thaw the milkfish. You can do overnight, eight hours, or half thawing method,
  • Second, you can mix some ingredients to flour that will be covered on the milkfish while it is thawed,
  • Third, cover all side of the milkfish by seasoned flour. Make sure you cover all part of the milkfish to make it well cook,
  • Fourth, preheat your pan then add vegetable oil,
  • Sixth, just put the floured milkfish into the pan. Meanwhile, you can also even prepare the broth
  • Seventh, just pour the broth into the pan which has milkfish in it
  • Last, leave it for several minutes in the small heat. Serve it when the milkfish already got tender.

With easy eight steps of cooking stewed, you can get more sensation taste of milkfish. However, you still have to have found the best quality of milkfish. You can get the healthy milkfish incredible market or supplier like Keep your eyes keen to choose the best milkfish one.

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