Medicine Foods Here

By | March 3, 2018

Are you fed up with your medicine from a chemical like a tablet, capsule or powder? Well, you should know that medicine also comes from the foods. Here, I will share the foods that can be the medicine for you. You will love it because you will have your own home remedies and medicine without even notice it as medicine. So, let us find out the medicine foods here.

The Several Medicine Foods You Must Know

You will be shocked why these foods become medicines. Most of you even love the foods so much but you do not know the whole time you have eaten the medicines. It is very good for you if you really love the foods as follow:

  1. These delicious and unique vegetables contain much vitamin C. It is very good for your immune system.
  2. Who does not like strawberry? Even the milk with strawberry flavor is very popular. The color is very cute though. It contains more vitamin A. It is good for eyes.
  3. It is one of the good vegetables as the main ingredients of soup. You will know why you need this as medicine. It contains more vitamin K.
  4. Do you love this food from South Korea? It has more probiotics for you. So, let us eat more kimchi!
  5. Do you love to make pasta with it? You are consuming medicine with more vitamin B6.
  6. Free-Range Eggs. Who do not like eggs? Maybe only the vegans who do not eat eggs. It has omega 3s for your needs.

So, those are the foods you should know that actually can be a medicine for you. You will see how they are so good for your health and your tummy. Health can come from the delicious foods and drink. That is all and I hope you love it.

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