Need A Streaming App?

By | January 21, 2018

Many people know that an android is a thing that becomes primary needs for society right now. This device used as a tool for work, entertainment, communication and many other things. For the matter of entertainment, the smartphone becomes the number one most often used device for watching videos. But, in order to watch the video online on a smartphone, you need to download or install the video streaming app. One of the best video streaming app existed now is the Mobdro app. Mobdro is the streaming app that is easy to use and also very useful.

Difference Between Premium And Freemium

Unlike any other video streaming app out there, the mobdro app serves you with several useful features. But first, you have to know that there are 2 different versions of this app. The premium one and the freemium one. Everyone knows that the premium one can only be obtained by purchasing the license from the app. The freemium version is the free one, which means you can download it for free without purchasing the license.

The feature of the paid version, of course, is more useful and also fascinating. While the free version user always annoyed with the ads, the premium one is not. Not only that, the premium version also offers the Chromecast support which will enable you to pair it with Chromecast.

While the freemium version has not the feature to download offline streaming videos, the premium one is offering you with easiness to download offline streaming so you can watch video anywhere and anytime.

So, are you interested to download this app? This amazing app can be downloaded fairly easy. You can just visit the sites and download the app. You will not find this mobdro app in Play Store because it is the third-party app. It might not be listed in the Play Store now, but who knows the future?

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