How To Plant Arabica Coffee For Beginners?

By | February 28, 2018

Type of Arabica coffee is the best coffee in the world. This type of coffee is able to beat the coffee of its competitors, namely Robusta coffee type. The price of Arabica coffee in the market is also quite expensive if we compare with other types of coffee. Type of Arabica coffee is a species of world coffee species found for the first time and still popular until this day, it still remains sustainable even the increasingly sharp demand for the market year. By looking at this incident, the coffee farmers who used to plant local coffee, many are switching to cultivate the type of Arabica coffee.

Terms Of Growing Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee is able to live thrives in the plains area that has a height of between 750-1500 meters below sea level. And the best temperature to grow Arabica coffee ranges between 15 -21 Cc and very suitable if we are cultivated in Indonesia area especially in an area which has moderate rainfall. In addition, if we Arabica coffee planting in an area less than 800 mdpl, it is necessary to do as well as all-extra. The maintenance is to keepthe coffee plant and keep the body capable of producing fruit that is quite abundant.

Arabica coffee requires special handling and care since it starts from planting until the coffee crop has been able to bear fruit perfectly. This is because Arabica coffee is very susceptible to attacks of various types of diseases and if the weather is less supportive, it will fade faster and not a few who experience death. For those of you who are interested to grow and grow Arabica coffee that has many fans and also has a high selling point then you need to pay attention to the basic tricks first, or you can find more info by visiting

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