Popular Marvel Characters

By | February 18, 2018

If you check many sites for comics download, they must have Marvel Comics. This comic has many great superheroes. The heroes of Marvel universe are relatable and likable. Although they have super power ability, they also show their human side. They still have human flaws which make them so relatable to our life.

The Characters Of Marvel Comics Download

Marvel Comics download also has many interesting characters. Although there are some people who are not the fans of the comics, they still love the characters. Here are the most popular characters from Marvel.

  1. Iron Man

Many women will fall in love with him. Gentleman? Check. Handsome? Check. Rich? Check. Charismatic? Check. Smart? Check. At one time, Iron Man is not really popular compared with others. But with Iron Man movies become a best seller and in the comic, he has an active role, many people love this character. Iron Man is one of the heroes that has his own power by creating a suit with advanced technology.


  1. Spiderman

If many people think that Iron Man is arrogant with his wealth and smartness, Marvel gives us a friendly character who is Spiderman. Many people from teenager to adult love Spiderman. Many people can relate to Spiderman’s character since Marvel gives us a young kid trying to make a living, try to fit in, and try to win his crush.


  1. Captain America

American must love him since he is the one that protects America! This character is so popular both in the comic and movie. Steve Rogers is truly an American and the best man from America. He will rebel against the government and his own Avenger team to protect the values of superhero that protect America. He will be our soldier with a brave spirit and noble attitude.

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