How To Shape An Ideal Body?

By | August 23, 2017

Health tipsHaving an ideal and healthy body is a dream for everyone, especially woman. The ideal body is a body with ideal weight, not too skinny and not too fat. With ideal body, it is easy to look beautiful, sexy and cool. Not only the ideal body will affect your appearances, having an ideal body will also affecting your health condition. Having ideal body will automatically give you a healthy and strong body. But in order to shape your ideal body, you will need to do a healthy lifestyle. You need to know, that shaping an ideal body will need efforts and determination, and in order to shape your body, you will need to do a lot of things. How to shape our body to be ideal? Well, if you want to have an ideal body, then we will show you some simple tips and tricks bellows.

Simple Tips And Tricks That Can Help You To Shape An Ideal Body

Firstly, if you want to shape your ideal body, you need to know how much your ideal body weight first. How to count ideal body weight? Easy, take your height, minus it with 100, and then take the 10% of the results and add it to your height minus 100, that’s your ideal body weight. In order to get your ideal body weight, you will need to decrease or increase your body weight, but most people will need to decrease body weight instead of increasing it. To increase body weight is pretty easy for some people, but increasing body weight can be hard and painful to do.

How to decrease body weight effectively to get the ideal body? Firstly, you will need to watch your calorie and sugar consumption. You need to watch your calorie intake every day and make sure it won’t reach the maximum calorie intake per days. Maximum calorie intake per days for men is 1900 mg, and for a woman is 1400 mg. You also need to avoid sugar and foods that contain a lot of sugar like sweets. Sugar is number one cause for overweight and obesity, so watch it.

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