Tea Or Fresh Water?

By | July 21, 2017

Health lifeWhat do you like, tea or coffee? Well, we all know that tea is better than coffee in health side. That is why the title above is the question of tea or fresh water. Both tea and fresh water are good beverages for people. They have a different function for people body. What do you prefer? Well, surely most of you will answer both. However, you should see the information and several tips just for you in the following.

Tea Vs Fresh Water, What Do You Prefer?

Tea is a good drink for people who have some problems such as obesity and skin problems. You may consume green tea to get many advantages of the tea. Black tea is also good tea. It is popular and good for health. What about fresh water? If you think fresh and plain water can do nothing, you are wrong. It maybe only water but it can do everything. Well, you can live without food but you cannot live without water. You know that. The advantages of fresh water are clear to keep you alive. Besides, it has more advantages for your body, skin and all of your body parts as long as you drink the right fresh water.

If your fresh water has the bad things inside it, your health will be endangered too. So, you should choose the right water. It is because there are many companies that produce mineral water. You never know whether it is really mineral water with pure contents or not. You never know it. So, you better drink the best fresh water based on the trusted ones. You may find other sources of fresh water in well for example. You know what? Some kind of tea cannot be filtered by the kidneys and of course, it is dangerous for you and water to clean it. Thus, that is all.

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