Things to Do in Pittsburgh with Families

By | September 25, 2017

things to doHaving a holiday with your family is a fun thing to do. There are so many destinations you can go with your beloved ones. In this case, Pittsburgh can be your choice if you want to visit a city which is so beautiful and historical. Deciding to go to Pittsburgh means you will need to consider having plans of things to do in Pittsburgh. In this city, you will find many attractions and beautiful landmarks that will make sure that your holiday is so unforgettable. From the magnificent chapel and cathedral, you will also find the best look of city scenery there. So, what are you waiting for?

Things to Do in Pittsburgh with the Loved Ones

The cathedrals can be found easily in Pittsburgh. No wonder that cathedrals are on the list for tourist in their note as things to do in Pittsburgh. The cathedrals and chapels stand tall in the beautiful city, making it historical and also wise at the same time. At least there are four things to have in the city, which are the St Paul Cathedral, Saint Anthony Chapel, Smithfield United Church of Christ, and the East Liberty Presbyterian Church. These places can be visited by tourists and you can even take beautiful photos there.

When you want to wander around the city, you will also find some interesting things. In this city, you will find some parks, such as the Phipps Conservatory with lots of flower beds in the parks, the Mount Washington with beautiful building scenery, and PNC Parks that will be suitable for you who love having the good historical aspect in your life. You can also visit the Market Square for seeing the magnificent buildings there. For you who want to find a unique park with your children, you can simply visit the Pittsburgh Water Steps and feel the fun. So, these were the things to do in Pittsburgh, hope you can find it amusing!

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