Tips Choosing Color Sweety Pitchy Lens According Character

By | March 14, 2018

The use of soft lens lately more and more in demand by teenagers, not only who have problems with the eyes but also used by teenagers who are not minus for its own stability as well as fashion. Softlens are also an alternative to the glasses which will provide a wider viewing distance than wearing glasses. Especially now it has available a variety of colors that we can choose and we use that according to ourselves in accordance with our character. One type of soft lens is quite famous and has a lot of color variations is Sweety Pitchy. Here are some explanations.

Some Tips On Choosing The Color Of The Lenses From The Pitchy Sweety Match The Characters

As for some tips we can do to choose the color of the lens of Sweety Pitchy types are as follows:

  1. Based on eye shape

Based on the shape of the eye, of course, there is a large eye shape there is also a small eye shape. If we have a large eyeball shape then choose the soft lens with a diameter that is also large will give a natural impression, so that our eyes can look smaller then we may choose a lens with a black outer ring to reinforce the circle of the eye. But if we have small eyes, then you can choose the soft lens with a large diameter to produce eyeballs to look great, for the color we can choose a dark color to look natural.

  1. Based on our skin color

If we have dark skin, then the appropriate color of the lens is brown and gray which will give a natural and natural impression, in addition, we also need to avoid the striking color of the lens and avoid excessive makeup on the eye area, Karen it will make you not look natural.

That’s some of the things we need to make tips to be able to adjust the lens color of Sweety Pitchy type in accordance with our character so we will look more attractive and elegant than usual. Hopefully this article useful for readers!

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