Tips To Stop A Nosebleed

By | July 20, 2017

Health careNosebleed is not a kind of health problem which is so painful. In some cases, it does not need medical attention when want to stop it. We just need to do several actions in order to stop the nosebleed. So, what should we do when want to stop a nosebleed? If you are wondering about the actions to do for stopping a nosebleed, here are some tips that you can follow if you want to stop your nosebleed by yourself.

Top Tips To Stop A Nosebleed Safely

You can begin with sitting down then pinch your nose firmly. You should make sure to pinch the area above the nostrils. Do this action for minimally 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you should lean forward then breathe via your mouth. By doing this action, you will help to drain the blood down from the nose so that it does not go back to the throat. Next, you have to put a pack of ice or a pack of frozen veggies which has been covered with a towel on our nose’s bridge. Afterward, you should stay upright instead of lying down. It will be good to help you stop the nosebleed naturally.

If you have done those several steps and you find that the nosebleed has been stopped, it means that you are not supposed to undergo medical advice as a treatment option. Nevertheless, if you just find that the nosebleed has not been stopped yet, you should do several recovery options here. At first, you should contact NHS 111 or call your doctor. You should do this when you have a sign of anemia or you have such problem which comes on a regular basis. Once you meet your doctor, there can be a few treatment choices such as nasal packing, cautery and more.

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