Traditional White Shrimp Cultivation Technique

By | January 24, 2018

White shrimp can be a very profitable business commodity considering the demand for the shrimp is very large for a variety of cuisine that makes the shrimp as the main ingredient. Especially, this type of shrimps becomes Indonesia’s flagship commodity to be exported abroad. Therefore, as the potential business, making a cultivation for an attempt to run the business is very necessary, so that the production will increase well. So here are the tips of the traditional cultivation.

Tips For Traditional White Shrimp Cultivation

Many people more prefer white shrimp to be cultivated because it is more resistant to disease and weather. Besides, they also traditionally cultivate the shrimp by the following steps:

  1. Preparing shrimp cultivation area. The way is by preparing it in brackish water conditions because the shrimp usually live in this kind of area. Then, eliminate all types of predators in the area. Clean the pond using saponin before use, then let the water stand for 3 days.
  2. Releasing shrimp saplings into the pond. First, you need to choose the sapling in the age of 6-10 days and measure water pH so they can adapt well. The traditional way that many people do this is by floating the saplings that are still in a plastic bag on the surface of pond water for about 15 minutes. After that, open the plastic and release the saplings to the pond.
  3. The maintaining steps. This is by maintaining to sapling conditions and the conditions of pH, besides oxygen and water depth. Then give urea and probiotic fertilizers once a week for maintenance.

When the age of 70 days you can give with various feed. Do the steps while monitoring the condition of the pond water for 100 days. After that, you can harvest them when they are ready to be. Besides, if you are looking for other information about the shrimp, then just go click

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