Unique Thai Food Choices For Travelers

By | November 17, 2017

Asian RecipesTraveling to Thailand is something that is a dream for everyone, and you still get the uniqueness of Thai food. In this country, many people are doing their trip happily because Thailand doesn’t only have many temples, but they also many kinds of culinary that will make every tourist surprised. Almost every part of Thailand is something unique and surprising. They have their qualities for improving their business with uniqueness. When you are in Thai, there are actually some things that will make your appetite satisfied. Therefore, you can choose them as you wished. So, what are the foods that are popular in Thailand? If you are curious, you can keep reading the article.

Simple And Differently Unique Thai Food

The first and the most popular food from Thailand is tom yum. Many people are falling in love with the sensation of this cuisine. In this case, the food can also be considered as spicy shrimp soup, with seafood taste which is quite strong but also delicious. In order to get the best taste, you will taste some spices like chili, lemongrass, lime leaves and galangal. The Thai food is rich with taste and will not make you disappointed. Now let’s jump to tom yum’s brother, which is som tum. This food can also be considered as the spicy salad made from green papaya.

For you who want something familiar with your tongue, you can go with the Khao Pad. This is their name for fried rice. Simple, spicy and also delicious. This can be your choice when you want to eat something that will make you full easily. If you want to eat something heavy, you can eat the pad krapow moo saap. This is the pork and basil which are fried, served with white rice. Delicious to the next level! So, how are our recommendations for Thai culinary? Hope you will get the best choice for Thai food!

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